Blooming Tea


Beautiful flower arrangements encased in white tea. Add to a large glass teapot and watch the flower unfurl!

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Step into an enchanting world with our captivating flower-infused blooming white tea. The beauty and taste intertwine to create a magical tea-drinking experience. Watch as beautiful flower arrangements gracefully unfurl in a large glass teapot. The tea steeps until it finishes “blooming,” visually stunning and delicately delicious.

With 5 blooms in one package, each blossom opens to the size of a softball. Add the delicate blooms to your glass teapot and let the anticipation build. As they bloom, the tea takes on the subtle aroma and essence of the blossoms. Keep refilling the pot as you serve into smaller cups, so the flower blossoms remain suspended in hot water, adding wonder to every cup.

Also, some customers feel health benefits from drinking flowering teas. These benefits come from the antioxidants held within the flowers. Health benefits can be felt across the body, from the kidneys to the brain.

Indulge in the delicate flavors and floral notes of our blooming tea. Perfect for relaxation, social gatherings, or as a thoughtful gift. Elevate your tea-drinking routine with the elegance of flower-infused white tea. Experience the wonder, the taste, and the joy of this unique tea offering and share the magic with others.

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