Why Cannabis Tea?

With the recent influx of Hemp products hitting the market, one of the few that seem to draw the most questions from consumers is Hemp Teas! Here at Hemp and Tea Company, our Hemp Teas are curated specifically to uphold the quality taste and results our customers expect. Hemp Teas are about more than taste, though, as they also carry a variety of health benefits- both mental and physical. Each cup contains molecules and terpenes from the hemp plant that aim to soothe the body and mind while gently assisting with overall health. 

Hemp, a subspecies of Cannabis Sativa, is a wonderful plant full of naturally occurring beneficial cannabinoids. The main compound in our hemp flower infusion is CBD, a non-psychoactive molecule that many people find to provide calming and relaxing effects. Since we are using the full plant to infuse our hemp teas, they also contain minor cannabinoids like CBDa, CBC, and CBG. Hemp teas are an excellent way to treat your endocannabinoid system! 

From dwindling anxiety to improving sleep, hemp offers a wonderful sense of comfort for many of those who want to explore natural medicine. Our variety of hemp-derived infusions includes one-of-a-kind hemp flower infusion, CBD isolate, Delta 8, and Delta 9. Furthermore, with all of our different infusions and flavors, our hemp tea selection is one of the largest on the market. Explore Hemp and Tea Company to find the right hemp tea for you!

Hemp Teas - Hemp Flower Infusion

CBD Teas - CBD Isolate Infusion

Delta 8 Teas - Delta 8 Water Soluble Powder Infusion

Delta 9 Teas - Delta 9 Water Soluble Powder Infusion