Arabica Lemon Turmeric, 2 Oz


Arabica Lemon Turmeric tea is made from the leaves of the coffee arabica plant. It has an earthy flavor similar to green tea, and is high in antioxidants. When blended with turmeric, lemongrass, ginger, and more, it makes for a beautiful zesty beverage low in caffeine and high in health benefits*.

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Step into a world of health and rejuvenation with our Arabica Lemon Turmeric tea, a delightful brew made from the leaves of the coffee arabica plant. This exceptional tea boasts an earthy flavor akin to green tea, enriched with the goodness of potent antioxidants. But that’s not all – when harmoniously blended with turmeric, lemongrass, ginger, and a plethora of other delightful ingredients, it transforms into a zesty and invigorating beverage that is not only low in caffeine but also brimming with an array of health benefits.

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Potential Benefits:

Antioxidants are the true heroes of this tea, and Arabica tea doesn’t disappoint in this department. Loaded with powerful antioxidants, it serves as a potent defense against harmful free radicals that can cause oxidative stress in the body. By fighting these harmful molecules, Arabica tea helps protect your cells from damage and supports overall well-being.

  • The unique blend of turmeric, lemongrass, ginger, and other carefully selected ingredients elevates the health benefits of Arabica tea to new heights. Turmeric, a golden spice renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, adds a warm and earthy depth to the tea while supporting joint health and promoting a healthy inflammatory response.
  • Lemongrass brings its distinctive citrusy aroma and a wealth of health benefits. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, it aids in digestion, promotes healthy skin, and boosts immunity, making it a valuable addition to this already remarkable tea blend.
  • The addition of ginger adds a delightful zing to the tea, invigorating your senses and providing a soothing effect on the stomach. Known for its anti-nausea properties, ginger also possesses anti-inflammatory benefits, complementing the other ingredients perfectly in this flavorful concoction.
  • Not to forget, Arabica tea is naturally low in caffeine, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a gentle pick-me-up without the jitters or crashes associated with higher caffeine content. Instead, it offers a sense of alertness and focus, contributing to a more balanced and sustainable energy boost.

Brewing Instructions:

To brew this exceptional tea, simply add 5-6 grams of the blend to your infusion method of choice and let it steep for 1-3 minutes. The result is a cup brimming with healthful goodness, ready to invigorate your senses and nurture your well-being.

What’s more, each serving of Arabica tea can be steeped multiple times, allowing you to savor the delightful flavors and health benefits again and again. With each resteep, adjust the brew time to suit your preference, and witness how this remarkable blend continues to provide a comforting and healthful experience.

Incorporate Arabica tea into your daily routine and embrace the beauty of this zesty, antioxidant-rich blend. Whether you seek a moment of tranquility, a delightful beverage to complement your meals, or a healthful tea to support your well-being, Arabica tea is the perfect choice. Sip on this nourishing infusion and allow its exceptional flavors and health benefits to infuse your life with renewed vitality and joy.

*Disclaimer: Health benefits are based on traditional knowledge and general research about the individual ingredients present in the tea blend. Please consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice regarding specific health conditions.

Ingredients: Turmeric, Arabica Tea, Orange, Ginger, Lemongrass, Black Peppercorn, Natural Lemon Flavor, Marigold Flowers


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